Thank you so much Dennett for your thoughtful, heart-filled reflection. This period is so hard. My heart is so heavy. My anxieties are so high, and I am trying to find the right words to say. I go between anger and sadness. I’m trying to gather my thoughts before I speak. Thank you for your support and concern. We need it now more than ever.

There is nothing we can do about the past. What people failed to see, hear, or believe is water under the bridge. We are in danger now. It’s not just Black people either. All people not rich enough to survive the wrath of the rich authoritarians and angry White men are in trouble. We must try to save those able to be saved and leave the trash behind.

People are paying attention for the moment, so let’s capitalize off the momentum and try to get some things done. This is a once in a generation movement, so we cannot take it for granted. Fight nationally where we can in meaningful ways and in ways that will count. Fight locally where you’re going to be able to see and feel change immediately. Join a local movement helping Black people. Join the areas oldest, most active Black church or even a younger Black lives movement. It takes all kinds of people to get to freedom.

We need White people in this movement, they must be a part of the change. White people posses the all power in the system. Any change goes through them. We also need White people to recognize White Supremacy and remember anti-racism is not a Black problem. White people need to address racism. Just keep working sis.

I’m just trying to make it. All Black people are struggling right now. We are not doing well. We’re wondering where everyone was for so long. Why so much evidence is needed for Black people to move. Black death feels and like lynching these days. I have seen so much death at the hands of White men I just don’t know what to think anymore.

What I do know is America doesn’t love us. It never has. I can’t say it ever will. We just want the racism and brutality to stop.

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