Thank you so much. Pins, hats, online petitions, fundraising emails, tone policing Black people.... none of these things stop White Supremacy, racism or White mobs. It takes money sure, but the other stuff are just useless symbolic gestures that do nothing to stop White mobs from gathering.

In fact, I see them White feminist movements as White mobs too. The violence for White women is the gathering, mobilizing for White women only. The feminist movement was formed by White women, for White women and it's no different than the forming of America and the Constitution.

White people formed a government and invited us to be a part of it a century later.The same applies to the suffrage movement. White women formed it then included us when they saw Black men getting rights before they did. They wanted the power, and Black is a vehicle to get it. There is no real effort to be inclusive or share power. The movement will never work because the structure was original intended to preserve and uplift White women.

This insurrection was preventable. I think liberal and progressive White women and non Black Women of Color are really going to need to reflect on their roles in this. Anything upholding White Supremacy needs to be dismantled to include White women gathering in pink pussy hats and White feminism. They are all racist structures and institutions in my opinion.

As a rule for White women, if ample Black people aren't involved in activities they are engaging in, there is a reason. Look around, read the room. Read White women.

Black women aren't participating in White feminism movements because the people and/or the activities are likely racist and only benefit White people and Brown people upholding White Supremacy. When we detect the first racist vibe, we're out.

Groups of all White, predominantly White, or void of Black are racist, no matter the intentions.

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