Thank you so much Emmett for sharing your story and understanding what this piece was really about. It’s not that I didn’t want what Bernie wanted. I just know America well enough to know that she likes things just the way they are, the same way they’ve been since the nation was chartered.

It’s sad that people can’t get beyond what theyll lose in order to make things fairer for others. No one should have to work all of their lives and be unable to survive. No one should be taxed for everything they purchase only to end up being able to survive when they are old. Young people shouldn’t have to wait on old people to die in order to lead and have jobs. People are greedy and selfish and seemingly unable to see how these traits work against us all collectively.

I’m tired of the two party system as you are, but that’s all we have. The two parties smoother all the other parties and platforms out. America is not liberal, it’s extremely conservative. If you want a more liberal government, you’ll need to move and where one is because America’s is not it. We have a system, and we must work within the confines of that system. Too many people aren’t interested in dismantling, they are interested in maintaining the status quo. This election cycle isn’t anything different than my last 48 years of life. The difference is how many good White people refuse to do anything about the bad White people, making it possible for a Donald Trump presidency to even exist.

My vote is to combat White Supremacy. I know I am going to still lose something along the way. We’ve already lost because the Republicans have stacked courts with bunches of racist, inequity loving judges who desire injustice. Democrats are an awful party because they have allowed these people to rule over us in such a way. They’ve done so because good White people can’t seem to muster up enough courage or fight to stop the bad ones. It’s almost as if they each are hold up mirrors to each other trying show each who they are, and no one sees the reflection.

I hope we survive this latest episode of Trumplandia, the Zombie Apocalypse. Thus far, it’s not looking good for us or Biden at this point.

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