Thank you so much for adding to the conversation. I’m tired of the bullying and the willful ignorance of Whiteness. There is so much history for us to learn from our mistakes, and so much evidence that we are a cruel nation. White people are continually trying to escape the responsibility of their pasts and the present. It’s time out for giving passes. They aren’t little kids. They are adults making decisions to remain ignorant and they refuse to stop their toxic ways. People of Color are tired and we aren’t going to be bullied this go round.

We have seen this horror movie before, and there is no need for us to pick leaders who have no intentions of protecting us. These last 4 years have really revealed how racist America still is. I’m waiting on America to change but I know it won’t. White people would rather do without and die than to share. They’d rather support the White power structure with broken moral compasses collapsing an entire nation than to allow Blacks and people of color to lead us into being the nation we say we are on paper.

After 233 years, it’s safe to say you know a person (or in this case a nation). We aren’t changing anytime soon, so there is no sense in pretending anymore. We love going backwards and America is wedded to White Supremacy. Til death do us apart.

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