Thank you so much for reading. All truth. But in 2020 Baaaaabaaaaaaaaay has put White folks on blast. They are racist and they cannot deny it anymore. I'm going to be dissecting and running White people up a tree for the next four years.

We gotta hash out the White demographic although there is really nothing to hash out. It's just problematic White people. They love to pretend they are segmented by issues, but most are in allegiance with White Supremacy. The messenging and the messengers are different, the goal is the same. Maintain that White social order by any means. Just look at how Black women running campaigns were treated. Nina, Symone, Stacey Abrams, all treated like trash but helped Joe win. Our 2020 choices were Joe Biden, a "recovered" law and order racist who coddles and snuggles with overt racists while loving cops, and Trump, the overt racist who revels in White Nationalism and incites violence.

Same snake, it just slink's differently. We gonna be talking about White people Sis. Trust.

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