Thank you so much for reading and sharing your personal experiences with homophobia in your own family. This indeed was a difficult situation to maneuver for the entire family, but in this instance love conquered hate. I do realize in many families partners in some same sex relationships are never accepted.

My aunt was bisexual and she passed a few years ago. Her kids were fully aware of her love life and loved her unconditionally, but my grandma did not. She excluded her female partners from family gatherings and it really was stressful for everyone. When my aunt passed, all of her lesbian, transgender, and gay friends came out to show their love and support of my aunt to our family. My grandmother was angry the entire funeral, shaking her head each and every time one of her lesbian friends got up to speak about how good of a friend she was. Let’s just say, our family was divided for ever on this day. My cousins (my deceased aunt’s kids) were livid!

Sometimes even in death, hate prevails.

Good for you for choosing to be happy and not allowing your family’s religious beliefs and sexual preferences to adversely impact your social life. I wish both you and your partner the best Catherine Charron!

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