Thank you so much for reading and thank you for asking the question. As a woman of color, grant writer, author, and teacher , I primarily operate in not-for-profit spaces. My contributions: I advocate and speak up for disenfranchised communities, I write regularly about government shenanigans (both parties), I work to help lower incomes of color redevelop and revitalize there communities through public/private partnerships (although I favor local, I’m a professional fundraiser working strictly with small charities (I love start ups and mid-size charities), I work with grassroots nonprofit orgs which employ people who resemble the makeup of said communities), I keep my hand at all times in federal and some state funding decisions (grant proposal reviews) to help me stay on top of government trends and to ensure undeserved communities get there share of the pie, and most importantly (yet unsuccessfully) I try to encourage communities of color to create the proper vehicles to legally advocate and address their concerns and needs. There is a way to play this game to get what you want and to be respected.

This has been the most challenging and frustrating thing for me. Money is always an issue for prospects (and me — I need to eat), and I can’t get our people to understand the value of collectively pooling financial resources for things outside of sports and church (sorry — just keeping it real). They need me, but they don’t value what I offer or teach enough to make the sacrifice.

And the other thing I run into with my people is stubbornness. Hard headed people with great ideas who want to do it their way, only to come back to me 2–3 years later with no success wanting my help. I have worked with wealthy Black nonprofit leaders (pro athletes) to local faith communities of color. Nearly all are the same or have some similarities in their thought processes towards achieving our goals (equality and upward mobility). I can take a horse to water but I can’t force it to drink. At some point mindsets must change — and that’s hard for us!

I have mentored young men and foster kids. I have a heart for people in need and those aspiring to be better. I do a lot. I just don’t talk about it lol. I’m considering doing a charitable org resource publication on Medium. It would allow me to be compensated via claps, and my readers could have access to info free with a $50/year membership fee. In any event, I hope this helped you understand what I do. I’m a systems girl, but my heart is grassroots advocacy.

Thanks for reading.

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