Thank you so much for reading and understanding the essay. I have read your essay about raising your son and I felt like protecting your son the way I protected my own sons from Whiteness. I felt every pain, every incident, every momma bear moment. That’s exactly what Black moms feel. I appreciate your perspective because we often discount/ignore White parents’ experiences raising Black children, in particular young men.

Deprogramming is a good word for what needs to happen with Whiteness. You can’t lead other, live other, or understand other, and certainly can’t love other if you have fake, biased, or racist info guiding your purview. Getting to know people must go beyond superficial relationships. I say Black churches are a start, but if you aren’t breaking bread with Blacks, or socializing in private setting with them bring vulnerable (like we are), you are doing it all wrong.

Buy Our Human Family’s “Field Notes For Allyship, Achieving Equality Together,” the new tool for allies available at| I 🖤

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