Thank you so much for reading. Yes, this is a day in the life of a person of color. I find it refreshing when people aren’t afraid to ride of the elevators and people are generally trusting of mankind. I have never gotten on an elevator afraid of a man. I think it’s pretty easy to tell if someone is following you unless you are grossly intoxicated (like if they hope on the elevator and don’t press a floor or if they you get on, the man is already on and they don’t get off of their floor), so why women walk around being afraid of men or Black women for no reason putting that burden on others is beyond me. It’s a scar men and people of color must deal with. I wanted my story to help these types of White women (and their friends) to think about how their fragility impacts others unnecessarily.

As a woman of color I have too many things to worry about daily than to worry about a little scary White lady who is no threat to me. I wished they would think of us in the same manner. I’m not saying don’t be aware of your surroundings, just that we all should know who/what our personal threats are. Thanks for reading.

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