Thank you so much for reading. I mention it because I want to bring awareness to it. Sometimes we do things and subconscioulsy and aren’t aware of it, especially if we’ve been a victim before. I have been raped, but I don’t fear men — or being close to men. I love men. Just not violent ones. If you show me you have a tendency to become violent — I’m out! I’m triggered. A real offense must happen though, not a perceived threat.

Some White women have never had anything remotely traumatic happen to them, they simply have been taught from childhood to watch out for certain people because they were taught certain people were bad (i.e. Black man=thug, or Sikhs/Muslim/Arab men =terrorists). I have no idea what some White women are taught about Black women (lol). I don’t want to go around telling people their behavior is racist. I’d love for them to read a story like this one and conduct a self-examination. To me, that’s the best medicine for that illness of unwarranted discrimination.

It happens in private via self-reflection. Not via a confrontation which may or may not be successful or received by the offender. Fear when you have reason to fear. People shouldn’t make their fears the problems of others.

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