Thank you so much for reading my essay, and thank you for your prayers. We tried to have him tested in high school and he refused to answer any questions the doctor asked. He was diagnosed with a brief bout with depression, but got better. Now he’s 29, with a criminal record, no job, no health insurance, no car, little hope and unfortunately living in a time and country that doesn’t exactly care about health of any kind (physical , mental, or emotional). It’s kind of a tough spot to be in. If you’re not fortunate to have stayed on the straight and narrow path to become the perfect adult, there is no alternatives for the other people. The broken ones. Their left to fend for themselves, and their families are constantly trying to help them. It’s very hard. I take sabbaticals for my own mental and emotional health, but a parent can never give up completely.

It’s very hard for parents with mentally-ill parents.

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