Thank you so much for reading this. Congratulations on your new bundle. Parenting is never easy, it just differs as the child gets older. And you’re right, when you love your child you invest a lot of time, energy, and brain cells on how to your little person has the best chance of becoming a decent, successful, self-sufficient human being. It’s also a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Once you start it you must seal the deal. As a wife and a mother you’ll do far more in both relationships than either your child and likely your husband, and at some point you’ll want to have some time to yourself.

The person you are today you won’t be in 20 years, and that’s okay. You will need time to reconnect with your spouse, discover yourself, and love on yourself (unless perhaps you plan to have a big family). Reclaiming your time at retirement age is wonderful. I meet couples all the time who worked, took care of their kids and now travel like newly weds, they are able to enjoy their lives (and their own money) without the worries of toddlers needing attention. Allow your children to know early and often your wishes for grand mothering so they won’t be surprised when you are living your best life guilt-free. And don’t worry about what people say, they don’t live your life…they simply view it. Best wishes.


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