Thank you so much for the documentary lead. I’m watching this today! I agree an underground Black market and Black media would be ideal, but the issues is Black folks are addicted to White everything. I can’t even get my friends to stop shopping online with Walmart, Amazon and these large White owned businesses and to go shop small, pay a little more for items and understand you’ve helped a small business vested in the community. Corporate everything is like crack to most people. They love it. They are accustomed to it. They believe in it and public school systems have taught us not to challenge the status quo, but to believe everything thing it says. It can’t possibly be wrong. We’re victims of group think unfortunately and it’s not beneficial to us at all.

The best thing about Trump’s presidency is he is bringing out so many of the things Black people have complained about but were drowned out by White apathy. No longer can America say it’s post-racial because the world can see it’s not. We can’t be the world police when we are as corrupt as most second and third world countries. Inequity is everywhere Trump has exposed just how corrupt and morally bankrupt this nation truly is. White supremacists run America, and they have been for a very long-time we’re finding. Just look at Congress. Thanks for reading and I found the movie. I’m watching it tonight!

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