Thank you so much for the kind words Ben. I really appreciate it. We parents beat ourselves up over parenting. I hope we can forgive each other and heal from this blip on the radar of life. I don’t plan to live my life with regrets for protecting and teaching my children. I love them both, but I surely didn’t treat them the same way. I couldn’t. Hopefully one day my youngest son will mature enough to see my contributions to his life and place blame where it should be, with his brother.

In any event, I’m living, loving and I’m going to be okay. I am preparing for the the next phase of my life, and I want to be in a good place to enjoy it. I can’t have regrets for doing the right things as a parent. We only get one shot to save a child, and I did what I thought I should do. One day, my youngest son will have children of his own hopefully, and he will see first hand just how different his children are.

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