Thank you so much for the mention and the fantastic job of describing who the real beneficiaries are of government benefits. This is a very difficult topic to breakdown. The predatory behaviors of Whiteness and the deflecting that happens when confronted about the behavior is indeed psychological warfare performed on People of Color.

We never stand a chance. To me (it’s just my opinion), it’s almost better for Black people to stay poor or lower income than it is to become educated, moving on up like George and Weezy from the Jeffersons. Moving up does nothing more than create more hardships for us (mentally and financially). The more upwardly mobile we become, the more racism, obstacles and segregation we endure. The roadblocks and obstacles we endure from institutional racism are taxing on the mind, body, and soul.

Blacks will never be able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps because of the systems and institutions that have us and keep us bound. Being successful (really successful) has more to do with luck than it does hard work. Just like I said, no matter how hard we work, how smart we are, how many degrees we get, how nice of neighborhood we move to, how we dress, how we talk, or the social activities we engage in…the playing field isn’t equal. Whiteness and patriarchy runs things and they both make sure they maintain their statuses by any means.

Too bad we don’t find this out until years later after chasing (and failing) the American Dream. It really ain’t for everybody, especially not people of color.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. |

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