Thank you so much for the prompt and your love. I dread mothers and fathers day every year because I must try to explain my lack of enthusiasm. I appreciate you giving those of us with dysfunctional families situations which gives the world an alternative view of parenting.

Writing it was extremely therapeutic. Reading it again made me a little angry because I lost so much. I used to pray to live long enough for my kids to grow up and care for themselves. God granted my wish. Now I hope to maintain my sanity and mobility so that I can recover some of my life, and live well.

I never want a child to experience what I endured. I wish good people would speak up. When you see something, say something. You may save a child’s life.

Again, thank you so much for all the love, the patience, and the opportunities to speak about the traumas of life some of us must endure. Your publication indeed is a safe place. This space is not for the weak or fainted hearted.

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