Thank you so much for this and for taking the time to read. I always look forward to you thoughts. This line stood out to me. When you choose to live as a realist, you’re choosing to not believe fairytales and fantasies anymore. You’re able to look at history, examine change, and learn from the lessons of ancestors. You’re mature enough to not engage in anything that oppresses your mind, body, and soul when you’re able to. You decide to take control of your destiny.

Our people have been trained to be obedient like dogs. We have children and teach them life from the same obedience schools forced on us to survive. Many of us are still afraid to think for ourselves as if worse will happen. It won’t. We are still afraid of being alienated by whiteness when it has always alienated us. Neither political party is going to do anything except talk at us and take from us to enrich themselves. They gaslight, misinterpret and twist our words to ease their guilt. It’s just more brainwashing. I’m tapping out.

I get called radical, mean, angry, and so forth and I don’t care. We all are just trying to survive doing the best we can. Some folks love the Master’s mind control tools (i.e. religion). I am free and I choose reality and thousands of years of history. Thanks for reading and confirming my thoughts.

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