Thank you so much for you support. I appreciate it. I would warn to be careful about some of the Black and POC you tout. Please understand we are not a monolith and many new Blacks (Coates) and POC like (AOC) are not working towards the same goal some of us. In fact, some of these people are anti-Black or gatekeeper Blacks and Browns.

All Black isn't the same. All Blacks aren't on the same page. In fact, most of the Blacks White people like end up being problematic for Blacks.

As you embark on this journey, please pay attention to the changing tides, and the ebbs and flows. There are changes going on in our community, and we're calling out a lot of different Blacks and people of color who help uphold White Supremacy, keeping us back. AOC is one of those people.

Helping is great, but please make sure you know what's going on. Racism and antiracism is fluid right now. I tend to not spend time on some of these people, but Black Twitter threads will teach you a lot about who is good and who is problematic. Cornell West did a really good critique of Coates.

Here is a piece describing why AOC is problematic:

All skin folk are kin folk. Perhaps you may want to reconsider how antiracist you are. Some of the people you note are extremely problematic. The media has ordained a lot of people who don't deserve to be. Just be careful.

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