Thank you so much for your feedback. You really made a good point. I don’t think we can move completely away from Capitalism, and our we already have a little socialism instituted into our systems (i.e. public/private partnerships, workforce development — the government creates the labor forecasts and offers retraining when they ship our jobs off), and some communities receive monthly benefits because they reside in economically depressed). We need a combination of capitalism, socialism, and public private partnerships minus the scams of trickle down and all the other nonsense sold to us to buy things we don’t need.

We’ve become a consumer driven nation. We don’t make much, we import nearly everything. It’s very hard to find anything today that’s made here. We went for cheap, and now we’re addicted to cheap. But it’s not just about buying and making cheap products. In the US we have over-inflation on everything. Health insurances, auto insurances, hospital stays, medication, water, power, food, toll on roads taxpayers already paid for, worker’s compensation insurance, taxes, etc.

Doing business is way too expensive for no good reason, and businesses simply pass the buck to us — we’re squeezed on the left and right with no where to go. Capitalism as it stands today doesn’t work, neither does globalism. It’s unfair. We all were sold a dream of helping each other in this global economy. All we did was sell ourselves into slavery. There is such inequality that we can clearly see it, and now we are revolting. Except the masters aren’t having it and are concocting their next schemes to protect their profits as we speak. Capitalism is going to collapse us. I’m simply preparing for the worst. But I definitely don’t want communism or socialism alone either.

Thank you for your invaluable perspectives.

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