Thank you so much for your feedback, you’re exactly correct which is the main reason I left sexual assault advocacy. I found it was nearly impossible to get cases prosecuted. It was too political. Victims want justice, but they have to rely on a politicized system to get it. If the police are afraid of the prosecutor, or the prosecutor won’t send their cases before the grand jury because: (1) There isn’t enough evidence to win, especially in case where there is a child’s word against an adult’s; (2) Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse aren’t a part of the prosecutors political platform (he/she may be tough on drugs, or white collar crime, public corruption, etc.); and (3) he doesn’t believe in rape, then cases go no place. Prosecutors run on their conviction records. Because jury are made up of people from the community (most of who can’t talk about sex let alone rape), most times conviction rates are low without a truck load of evidence.

Most times they try to get the perp to plead, but this gives the victim little if any justice. Then there is the whole reporting thing. You can only get help from the most victim advocates if you report the crimes at the time they occur. It’s really complex, it’s unfair, and simply put, advocates have no power. If we want change, we must remove the men out of our government who don’t believe allegations of rape.

But that seems like a pie in the sky dream too at this point. Thanks so much Ryan Daly for your feedback. Your entire post is 100% correct. It’s not just an America issue, it is a world issue.

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