Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m not sure if this will be curated. I write what I see and the powers that be here are not as in tune with these types of topics because they are apart of the majority. Sometimes you can find wonderful gems but it gets harder as the site turns into a myriad of all things White in America (just look at who and what gets top billing here).

In terms of real America. What I write is from my personal viewpoint, but it’s also a take on the different systems I live in, work in, and assist in sustaining. Straight no chasers.

America has sold the world propaganda. A fantasy. Dreams. If Donald Trump does nothing else, he exposes the truth regarding what America is. It’s a cesspool, no different than any other corrupt nation. Except we aid in the corruption by following dirty leaders who have their own agendas. Don’t listen to our words, follow the nation’s actions and only then will you be able to figure out the real America.

America is an overtly racist nation in most of its ways. History repeats itself because we never learn from it, we being White people. The sooner we fall, the sooner we can rise from the ashes as a new thing. Every thing about us is confusing. The people living here are confused too, except most of them don’t know it.

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