Thank you so much for your robust description of the transformation of feminism and what you’ve witnessed first hand. I am so appreciative of women like you who have the ability to see what the movement has become. It was always that way, they just had a wonderful PR campaign to fleece us all. Women of Color are very hard to fool, which is why you would see minorities inside of the movement a few times then they’d never return (i.e. lesbians). Feminism is very White, quite self-absorbed and extremely radical much like White Supremacy, White Nationalism, and Populism.

When you follow the money and look at the leadership you see who the movement is for. Not all vaginas, just White ones and those who pass as White (i.e. like assimilated Asian women which is why they are so quick to pass the torch to them). Feminism is not about equality, it’s a White Supremacy for White women. In the coming years you’ll see the divide more clearly as racism and bigotry begin to manifest themselves blatantly. Find multi-cultural, multi-ethnic networks of women to work with. They are much more in tune with what’s happening in the real world. They work, they face discrimination of historic proportions, their voices are usually silenced, and their needs go unaddressed often times because radical White feminism sucks all the air out of the room, redirecting our attention from the things that are truly important, things that lead to equality and real equity.

As long as feminism is unable to see the inequity between women and as long as they refuse to see the inequality in our rights and systems as it relates to women and girls, then White radical feminism is nothing more than White Supremacy dressed in a nice dress, with lipstick and expensive pumps. Most wealthy White feminists are about one thing, the power, money, maintaining their places in society and achieving. That’s why they never meet in the ghettos, or communities of color where the most aggrieved women reside. Their comfort is most important, at the expense of women of color. It’s nothing new to us. We have nothing to gain by hitching our wagons to White feminism. We’re globally connected. A movement which works to divide us cannot survive. Men run everything and we need them, so why alienate them or piss them off?

I’m done with feminism and intersectionality. There aren’t enough women like you in the movement to shake the racist blinders from the others. I’m about addressing inequality and inequity for all people, especially people of color as we have suffered the greatest and done without the most. When we have equity and equality for all people, we can say we have overcome. Thanks so much reading and responding.

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