Thank you so much for your thoughtful and outstanding assessment on the state feminism. I appreciate your ability to see what feminism really is on the outside looking in. As you clearly noted, feminist are in fact colluding with a system that will never see it as equal, so why continue trying? It’s a useless fight, and it’s useless trying to get feminist to understand this.

I happily chose to relinquish the useless title of being a “feminist” after taking inventory of how feminism works and who it benefits. Feminism is kind of like being the 2nd runner up in a beauty contest. The second place winner is still a loser. That’s what I believe being a women of color and calling myself a feminist is like. We will never win, because we’ve never been considered equal. Patriarchy ensures our rights are consistently disregarded, trampled, or subverted.

Sadly, too many women, White women, have voted in support of patriarchy and their own financial interests, aligned themselves with patriarchy to compete with patriarchy and a privilege they already benefit from greatly using the same old racist and oppressive play books men have used for centuries.

Trying to work within the blatantly narrow confines of feminism is asking for more gaslighting, emotional abuse, and rejection which leads to self-hate. I say goodbye and good riddance.

There are too many cards stacked against people of color in the current system. I’m tired of fighting women and men to be recognized as human, intelligent, equal, entitled to leadership roles, and the right to live in peace free from duress. It’s time for women of color to cut our losses and abandon this sinking ship.

You have summed up feminism perfectly. Thanks for reading.

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