Thank you so much for your words of comfort. I’m sorry you’re getting ready to join this sad, heartbreaking club. We mothers can’t save the world, at some point, we must save ourselves. Many parents experience the loneliness of having the not-so-perfect kid, and the grief of not seeing fruit from your labor. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions. We feel betrayed, mislead, abandoned, mistreated, and ill-equipped to deal with the challenge of raising a kid who does not fit into society’s perfection mold. I have learned to let it all go. I was able to make peace with my efforts and the outcomes.

I don’t have any confidence everything will be okay, and I know it’s beyond my control. I just try to prepare for the worst, and control the things I can. I hope you find peace in the fact you’ve done all you can. Relinquishing power is difficult, but it’s a must. We must try to preserve our lives as best we can. Some children never grow up from being selfish little beings.

My son still only calls when he needs something. Now he makes his girlfriend call. It never ends, it simply evolves. It’s a terrible spot to be in, but like most of us do, we adapt. Thanks so much for reading and best wishes.

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