Thank you so much I appreciate the response. Joe tells me I’m wrong every single time I write something. Every. Single. Time. It’s exhausting deal with people who refuse to look in the mirror and acknowledge their own behavior. White denial prevents us from moving forward and achieving anything productive as a society. Their denial prevents segments of our society from being treated humanely. It denies marginalized communities opportunities to finally achieve equality. It robs of the respect we deserve.

It is exhausting, but changing one mind at a time is all I can do. And they are not going to gas me into thinking I’m exaggerating my microaggressions. I’m going to show them how in entrenched White Supremacy is in American culture whether they want to hear it or not. If they come to Marley’s House, they shall be fed lol.

The rest I’m gonna have to turn it over to God because I just can’t! 😆

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