Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I don’t think this going away anytime soon. There is no incentive or punishment for those harassing us to stop, which includes the POTUS. The leaders of this fascism movement have had 12–15 years to cultivate this mess. Obama was the greenlight for it. Just his Blackitty existence in their pure, sanitized White House was enough to push crazies over the edge. Additionally, Obama allowed them to bully him into doing nothing with their freedom of speech bullshit! Another greenlight to harass and threaten him, his family and us.

This cat is out of the bag. We are headed to fascism 2.0. Thankfully my partner is a fed cop with nearly 30 years of experience and is trained to kill. We never leave home without packing. Black women are not safe on the internet, in the South, here in FL, or even in the White House doing their jobs. I appreciate men standing up and addressing this matter. We need you all to be on alert and protecting us. We have no cover, there is no safety and time and time again ally groups who claim us are silent when we are verbally assaulted, physically abused and threatened.

Most of the media are silent on Trumps’s bold displays of White Supremacy, and they are the primary reason fascism has boldly gripped the U.S. Few journalists have the balls or integrity to stand up for journalist of color. As long as they aren’t harmed, all is well in the world.

Our media is complacent and complicit. They gave 45 a platform everyday during his birther racist tirades as well as when his dumb, inept, thieving, cheating, lying, perverted and unqualified ass decided to run for POTUS. Our blood will be on their hands! The sit around news tables and in the WH Press Corp laughing as if this behavior is funny because they aren’t impacted.

The shit ain’t too funny now! They fed the monster, and the monster grew into this orangutan.

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