Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Oh boy, you touched on so many topics. I agree, the very people complaining the loudest about society are doing the most harm to humanity collectively with their lack of civility, lack of compromise, lack of basic manners, voting their wallets, and deep-rooted hate of otherness.

And the White feminists…I can’t even begin to start to delving into how they maintain inequality by engaging in racism, sexism and classism all at the same time. They keep fighting, for themselves. I don’t see many of them making sacrifices to allow Black women to catch up in the wage department. Don’t see them helping us climb the corporate ladders either. All I see is a sea of pink pussy hats, online White feminists ranting about men (mostly White ones, but they will dig into a Black man’s butt if he violated a White woman), crying White tears when they get caught being racists, or sitting on the sidelines when other non-White women and girls need them most.

The model is even terrible. Spinning off to become some other evolution of feminism is crazy. It doesn’t work, and it excludes people.

It’s pretty obvious racism still rules America and plays a role in the rise in racism globally. We have no business being authorities on anything. America doesn’t have its own stuff together. How can we lead anyone on how to treat people when we don’t lead by example? Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Racism is so easy to see if you want to see it and like using your own brain lol.

I say it’s willful ignorance when you don’t see it.

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