Thank you so much Jake for adding to the discussion. I’m glad to see it’s not just me recognizing White people are rude.

I didn’t realize White people were so rude until I left home. I lived in a small segregated Southern, predominantly Christian town and we had nice racisms. The kind that’s palatable. Most White would hold doors, ask you how your day was, smile, and bless your day as you leave. Being lower middle income nearly poor helped too lol.

But then I became a traveling professional and I have different leisure interests, so I began to notice how rude White people can be. So much so it was noticeably apparent they must be raised this way or being the majority came with rude privileges. Blacks never get such passes. I have so many stories watching my father be disrespected by White men throughout the South as a truck driver, it’s crazy. Even White children are rude. What is it with that holier than though, do as I say not as I do, behavior modification thing they do? Everyone else must be nice, while they act and treat others terribly. When you’re Black in America, you wake up everyday seeing the hypocrisy in every thing. It’s pretty darned incredible. Indescribable.

Not being polite is a deal breaker for me if you’re not shot, on fire, or in labor. It’s hard to respect rude people. Being rude serves no one well.

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