Thank you so much Jess. It’s just a piece to get readers to see the harm from racism the way we treat other types of abuse. Often I see readers wanting to be reassured on their new journey. No one ever mentions the harm they’ve done in the past. It’s rare you read a piece on someone’s journey where they actually talk about the numerous ways they acted racistly and the people they’ve harmed.

I think about all the things I’ve tolerated and endured when in White circles and with White friends and I can’t say any one of those people have ever apologized or given it a second thought. I remember nearly every racist thing they’ve said or thought, and if not the exact thing, I recall that the White person wasn’t a good person. It’s hard living with racism. I want White people to have more recall and remorse. It’s hard to be happy for antiracists and talk about the future when they don’t want to clean up their past.

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