Thank you so much Julie for writing about your experiences and believing my voice. Too often I’m dismissed and told I’m imagining things. I’m glad you mentioned the touching part because I too dislike being where I cannot control people touching my body. It’s quite an experience being a minority anywhere in the world. It’s unforgettable.

Most White people don’t get it because they choose to vacation and travel to White or colonized places so not to be uncomfortable. I remember going to Barbados last year and stumbling into a White/American ex-pat spot. They looked as if they were disgusted by our accidental presence. How is it that White people will travel and relocate to all Black countries and want to create White spaces to keep the natives away? Why move there? Why segregate yourselves? It’s an interesting thing to watch White people create White spaces everywhere they go in the world to avoid their fears and to maintain some sort of White Supremacy.

Our taxi driver told us about the place on our way back to our hotel. He allowed us to experience it for ourselves. He never said a negative word until we told him we wanted local experiences only. Ourr driver confirmed the spot was where the Whites go to feel safe. They had made an entire community just for White ex pats’ comfort. Smdh

I’m glad you wrote from this perspective. It gives a brief summary of what our lives are like every day, so thank you.❤

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