Thank you so much Karishma for sharing your experiences as a Person of Color with microaggressions and stupid things White (and White-passing) people say. America has done a great job making White people ignorant with all sorts of propaganda and puffery to make up appear exceptional while making the rest of the world appear as if it’s downtrodden and behind the times.

The fact that for decades White people played minorities (Native Americans, Blacks, Egyptians) in American made movies (cowboy movies, biblical stories, etc.) instead of attempting to recruit and hire actual living minorities told me everything I needed to know about White people and their respect for People of Color/non-White cultures.

Being Black, I would have never said such stupid statements about your country because I know even people in America don’t always live like privileged people in America. I’ve worked in the hills in Kentucky where White people live in tiny shacks with no HVAC, no power, and don’t have running water. They still have outhouses, but they are survivng. Whiteness has a way of showing it’s snobby superiority complexes, even when it’s not intentional.

The other things about White people and privilege is they say the quiet stuff aloud, not understanding how offensive it is. Not sure what that’s about but I wanted to write about how I felt. Topics of class and status should be off-limits or at least discussed in a manner which allows learning.

I loved that you asked your friend why he was so surprised and how he wasn’t able to respond with a clear answer. A clear indicator it’s racist views — your friend just couldn’t come to grips with the thought of it. There is no excuse for being so ignorant in the 20th and 21st century with all the access we have to information. Experiences like those can help show us how little we know about a person. Privilege can really makes people not the sharpest tack in the box lol.

Thanks so much for reading.

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