Thank you so much Keith for sharing your story, and I'm sorry for the horrible experiences you've had with the healthcare system. While medical discrimination is as much of a class issue as it is race a race issue, race is an issue for African Americans and we have enough common sense to know when people dislike and don't care about us, causing them to dismiss our concerns.

The anti-vaxx issue is a non issue for me. I see White people insisting we get it and dismissing our concerns because they are ready to get back to normal. Our hesitancy about the safety of the vaccine has and nothing to do with us and our concerns. It has everything to do with centering White people.

Black people have the right to have concerns about the healthcare community and their sudden concern about their safety. The fact White people can come here to cherry pick the vaccine studies is so telling.

If it was fly paper, they'd be stuck.

Thank you again for sharing your stories, citations, and adding to the discussion. It's going to be rough going for the next few months on this subject. At the end of the day, it seems White people still don't understand their attempt to control Black bodies and minds and it's scary that they can't.

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