Thank you so much Kristin for sharing your story and experiences with us. That’s pretty funny you fed your kids Sundaes for Breakfast. We had an entire watch party at our home. I worked for President Obama’s first campaign as a volunteer and traveled to other states to register people to vote. In particular Blacks. The hardest thing to do was convince Black people it was okay to vote for a Black man. They recalled JFK and MLK, and didn’t want him to be assassinated. Some said outright they wouldn’t vote for Obama because they knew White men would kill him. White men have done a number on the psyches of Black people. We can’t even vote for who we want to for fearing violence and/or some other form of retribution for refusing to choose a White man to lead us. He still wants to be our Master.

It even sounds ludacris, doesn’t it?

Trump is retribution for Obama. I am glad your children had a chance to experience the Obama presidency. They had a chance to see a real leader, a good person, a kind man.

Your babies also got to experience White Supremacy in young boys at an early age. Those bullies did to your children what they were taught in their homes. We experience this abuse too. When we say it though we’re not believed. I hope your babies never forget that experience and work for the rest of their lives to prevent others from dealing with mediocre, violent, bullying, White men. We need a moratorium on them, White men that is. They are like nuclear weapons waiting to explode. I am thankful you see the value diversification and the need for true representation in our politics. Without it, we will never be a true democracy. It may as well be 1619 or 1866 as far as I’m concerned. America is not progressive, we are conservative. We can call ourselves whatever we want to (i.e. progressive), but at the end of the day, American conservatism rules. It’s so vested in itself it’s created all sorts of social groups, social orders, career tracks, schools, institutions, systems, and laws to ensure it remains conservative and White. How can you beat that unless good White people outwork the bad ones, or the minorities over populate Whites, which by default makes the new majority? We need more good White people like you in this fight. Unfortunately, the benefits of White Supremacy and Whiteness are too great. As long as there is a reward for participating in it, it’s never going to end. White people must stop aiding and abetting White men. Period. They have shown us who they truly are.

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