Thank you so much Li Charmaine. Last week was extremely difficult for a lot of Black people. We all were collectively mourning our experience in America. I was sad and angry. Sad because another Black man was killed in the streets as if he was subhuman. Sad because it could easily be my dad, my sons, my brothers, nephews, or friends on any day should they meet up with the right White sociopath with a badge.

I was angry because White people just got it. What took so long? Why can’t you see? Why don’t you remember the last murders — this isn’t new? Why is it so hard for White people to act?

At the end of the day I must come back to the realization that White people benefit from racism.They benefit from not seeing. They scapegoat us when they don’t listen to avoid taking responsibility. Ignorance is bliss.

I’m exhausted. We’re all exhausted this has been allowed to happen to us again.

I think this period is going down in world history as the most spectacular and humiliating fall from grace ever. And America deserves it for being so inhumane to people of color all over the globe, but especially Black people. You reap what you sow, and America has sown a lot of evil, death, and destruction globally. There are a lot of people happy this day has arrived because they’ve received bad treatment like us. I’m sad, but not surprised. It’s what happens when children don’t listen.

I’m thankful allies are listening. I hope they continue. We’ve been screaming for the past 3 years this day was coming. Now it’s here and White people are shocked. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

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