Thank you so much Nancy. I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s not a constant barrage of slights all every day, throughout a day for a lifetime. That’s what White people don’t understand. They are so busy trying to out victim the victims, they don’t have time to see how they contribute to victimizing us. As you can see by the comments, many White folks and bots have excused the behavior of White people as entitlement and privilege, failing to realize that it’s the epitome of White Supremacy and White privilege.

Why don’t they know this?

White people can compartmentalize stuff in a way that makes the mind-boggle. They are experts at excusing, overlooking, and minimizing White people in order to gaslight us. I’m not having it on any day. I’m going to keep describing their subtle slights and codes until my maker takes me home. I do it for my ancestors who couldn’t.

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