Thank you so much Owen Waring for your thoughtful, yet important response. My intention was to demonstrate how writers have the ability to subtly taint the views of readers by dressing up some people, while dressing down others. I used to work with crime beat reporters back in the day teaching them how to write about people and crimes when they involved people of color without destroying victims. We (advocates) taught many Pulitzer prize winning journalists (all White) how their writing styles put victims at risk, and visually demonstrated how their writings went to great lengths to uplift White focus pieces while writing disparagingly about people of color across America. It was eye-opening and many of the journalist never saw how biased their industry was until they saw their own work projected before their eyes.

It’s imperative we notice and address the disparities in journalism.

I thank you for reading this essay, and for putting the journalists who wrote this piece on blast. They should be ashamed of this work. Writers like these are a part of the bigger problem in journalism today, and could clearly use a course from the Poynter Institute on ethical, unbiased writing. Journalism should be fair, honest, without bias, and color blind except when color/race/ethnicity is the issue.

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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