Thank you so much Ré Harris for not only taking the time to read my essay, but also to take the time to come up with such a thoughtful response to the foolery that took place in my comment section. I say it every day, the best thing that will come from the Barack Obama and Donald Trump presidencies will be that we truly get to know our Whites in this supposed “post-racial America — The ignorant ones, the racist ones, and the wonderful allies like my friend Sherry Kappel.

We can’t even have a space to speak freely about life on the Black side without Whiteness coming to tell us that what we feel isn’t real, how to think, how to respond , and their prized token of preference— it’s amazing.

Even when we talk, they ignore us. Sometimes they talk over us — like Mr. Whitemansplain did.

This happens in boardrooms, classrooms, and in politics. If we aren’t ignored, we’re shut up. If we aren’t shut up, we’re harassed and pushed out. The masks are off — theirs as well as ours. No longer are they taking their racism home to secretly share with their families and in their secret White spaces — they are spreading the love. And no longer are we going to be silent on race, and no longer will stories of real race relations be told by lily White writers (it seems Medium is even doing this now with most race features).

There is something sinister about these people, almost always White men — another telling sign — those damned thorns in our sides. Their posts wreak privilege, patriarchy, and White Supremacy. They love to find our posts about race and feminism. They are nothing more than mid-to-high functioning sociopaths who know how to use the internet. These men are sociopaths are antisocial people with just enough social skills to get on our fuckin nerves.

We must continue to tell our Black and Brown truths — boldly, in our own words, minus the whitewash. Our people have waited too long, they’ve fought too hard, and they often don’t have a voice. If we don’t speak the truth now, we may never have another chance.

If this administration gets it’s way, all civil rights will be dismantled and we will be back to where we were in the 50s early 60s. This administration is doing zero enforcement of civil rights violations, and almost zero investigations on civil rights violation. If White men have their way, we would cease to exist.

They. Are. Trying. To. Silence. Us.

I’m having none of it Sis! Thanks so much for speaking our truth. In the words of Diddy — -can’t stop, won’t stop!

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