Thank you so much Stephen for reading and understanding the nuances of POC/Black people. You hit the nail on the head. America generalizes groups of Black and Brown people, without taking into consideration all the cultural differences, national origins, and White supremacy practices each engage in. There is definitely an anti-Black sentiment among POC, even those from Black Africa. We are like the unwanted step children, and those who come here choose to join in the abuse instead of learning our history, learning our culture, finding some Black friends to learn from, and rethinking their racism. It’s easier to go along with White Supremacy for the sake of getting along I suppose, but it’s a huge issue for us.

When people who look like you are fighting against you not understanding we’re all the same, but Whiteness hates all of us at the end of the day the same. They just hate Black Americans the worst in America. I have friends who have traveled abroad (especially Black women) and they all talk about the anti-Black sentiments expressed to them via stereotypes or overt racist aggressions. It took me a long time to realize all POC weren’t for inclusion and diversity. After my many experiences with POC anti-Black racism living here in South Florida, I can’t ignore it anymore. I’d be a hypocrite to pretend we all get along and we all care about each other. Many POC don’t. And that’s okay.

It’s just not okay to help those who only take, not give equally. You can’t have a relationship with someone (or group) who only takes and never gives. Marriages can’t survive that. Tribes or groups can’t survive that way either. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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