Thank you so much Sylvia. I think we give ignorance too much credit. While I do believe a lot of people are genuinely ignorant about microaggressions and implicit biases, there are large swaths of racists globally engaging in racism intentionally, willfully, and frequently because they get something from it in an evil kind of way.

Microaggressions are evil and people who wake up every day with a mindset of impeding paths of the unsuspecting Black and Brown folks they come in contact with are not just ignorant, in many cases they too are evil.

I can’t imagine walking out of my home and not being nice to a certain segment of society because of a racial stereotype, because I believe I’m better than they are, or because I believe it is my job to treat them inhumanely because society says I can and I should. I’m tired of giving credit to ignorant and mental illness. We need to become comfortable giving credit to evil, cruel, and even sociopathic.

To believe microaggressions are cool is evil, and we must rid this world of evil as well as ignorance. Most people who engage in them know exactly in the moment they are doing it. That’s why I don’t want to blame ignorance as much as I blame warped beings.

Right now the world has an evil problem AND an ignorant problem. Being racist pays well which is why it doesn’t end. The only thing poor people get from practicing microaggressions is a good feeling momentarily. Just like a drug addict that feeling is gone and they are left to face the same issues they had prior to being evil — so they engage in the microaggressions again to get that same high or to feel some superiority over others.

Until the evil are forced to pay for their sins, we’re doomed.

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