Thank you Sue for fighting the good fight and to all those in this fight against their own people to make this place better for all of us. It’s just frustrating watching an entire system be dismantled in a matter of three years and stupid people cheering orange satan on saying he’s doing a good job. What’s really horrifying are the White people who won’t own up to their racism, excusing their indifference and Trump’s anti-Blackness.

I just know no matter what good people like you do, the bad people have too much power and have had it for far too long. They are so entrenched in the system it’s really too late. Even if we win the vote, they are all over the place to cheat so they can win and stay in power. It’s going to be a civil war to get them out of here, and I have never seen White people fight the way we’ve had to fight to make America be the nation she says she is on paper. The fact the government has sanctioned racism and rollback so many normal government functions/oversight tied to race, those who are racist will act on their racist impluses. Even if we get rid of Trump, the racist he’s unleashed will need to be neutralized. It’s a civil war on the horizon and I just don’t think good White people know what to do with that.

This is a situation where positivism will not work.

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