I am not a clinical anything.

I am the daughter of a man 2-years younger than President Trump, but he acts EXACTLY like the President. My father has a clinical diagnosis of narcissism and bipolar personality disorder he received in his late 50’s early 60’s after a few breakdowns and forced trips to the mental hospital. Anyone who has spent their entire life having to deal with people like Trump and my dad can see Trump is not only ill, but dangerous. The volatility, disrespect, lack of empathy, promiscuity, grandiose all the damned time, violence, racism….I can go on. They older they are the less they can hide it. I feel sorry for his kids and grand kids (a little). But they too must have something wrong with them or are selfish.

I can’t stand to be around my father. Neither can my adult sons. No one and I mean no one deals with him. My father is a terrible man. An awful human being who makes grown people cry with his actions and words. He is like mosquito repellant with deet.

When I see Trump, I see my father and that’s why I’m afraid for America. These types have no business having children or a business, let alone run an entire nation. My father’s doctor had the decency to tell him as much.

You’re either a victim or an enabler. And I’m not enabling my dad to be a bad person, nor am I signing up for his abuse. I’m free, and I am happy!

Thank you for this piece. I support your message and assessment. As a victim of the physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my dad over my lifetime, I’m appalled more professionals aren’t speaking out. Our safety is on the line and our own mental and emotional well-being is at stake!!!!

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