Thanks for reading and commenting Greg. You know, anti-racism and anti-Blackness is a lifetime marathon, not a sprint you can learn in a few months to become an expert. The more a White person engages with Blacks and people of color (POC) asking questions, immersing themselves into different cultures, learning to read rooms (like when it’s appropriate to say certain things), study American and world history to understand White dominance/rule on Black and Brown nations, continents, and territories, and then evaluate the ways they benefit from White Supremacy, White people can begin to decrease their own racism footprint if you’re a White person. We can see and feel a change.

Being nice shouldn’t be a prerequisite to learning or doing the right thing. That’s manipulation and very immature. White people asking us to be nice despite 400-years of continued abuse and neglect is insane.

The other thing to understand on this journey is that Black racism is very different from all other types of racisms committed against other POC by Whites, which is why I use the terms Black and POC. Understanding POC are anti-Black is another layer of the onion that needs to be studied so that understand all the various dynamics.

Black people have so many people who dislike us, we are simply worn out. Asking us to be nice is unfair and unkind. Certainly doesn’t get anyone ally points. Being thoughtful, respectful, empathy and honest are the keys to making progress in race relations.

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

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