Thanks for reading and your feedback. I was waiting to hear your thoughts lol. Well, I have a personal story that didn’t come to mind until I read your comment about being upset about a family member or friend stripping.

My sister did it in college for a little less than a year. My mom put her out (like she did all of us), and she didn’t have anyone support. She knew she wanted to make it, she just didn’t have the tools, resources, and supports to do so. I found out because my sister decided to strip at a club down the street from my dad’s house. He found out and was distraught. But he too was a part of the problem.

He was busy living his best single life. Disassociated with all the things needed to get a young adult prepared for real life. He had his business and was working to make it successful. He sent me to foster care years earlier. He was free of much of the responsibility of caring for my sister. His caring was limited to a few necessities (an old beat up car that he wouldn’t fix). My sister was trying to make it. My dad humiliated her so, she joined the military after her freshmen. That was 22 years ago. She’s still in the military. That choice was good, but it has had some serious consequences on her life as well. She’s lived all over the world, mostly away from her family. She had a plan. Who was my father to judge.

We often judge quickly, and offer supports and compassion slowly. Strippers are just trying to survive. They didn’t ask to be here, they are just dealing with the cards dealt to them. We miss all the signs leading up to one deciding to make stripping a profession. That’s on us.

We should feel sorry for ourselves, not the strippers.

People who choose to strip do it for different reasons. Instead of being humiliated, feeling embarrassed or shamed (those feelings are centered around those who are looking on), we all should be looking to understand the stories of the ladies. I have never heard a stripper say they did it because they liked me to look at them. The job comes with a story.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. White Fragility🚫|

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