Thanks for reading and your response Maurice. You are correct in your assessment of the BS as well as the fact that Blacks are always ready to forgive an enemy which fails to correct itself so that it wouldn’t always need to apologize.

To the defense of good White people…some of their folks have severe mental illnesses which makes the susceptible to race baiting just like any other ethnic group. The difference is Black folks just don’t wake up and decide we are going to a White church to kill folks, or make bombs and send them Black leaders, or go up to Black people in a grocery store to kill Black shoppers.

We try to avoid White folks…because of the history and the baggage associated with us. Even with all of that, racist insist of messing with us because there own people lie to them about who their enemies are. White people are the only enemy they have. But because they fail read and analyze all this good free data available to them (just like Blacks)…they are easily manipulated by words.

As far as Black people and forgiveness Bro…I will connect that to White Jesus. Black folks are addicted to White Jesus without any understanding, regard or connection to how religion has bern used as behavior modification for Blacks. Our folks are so messed up! They are working and living in hell under duress awaiting a reward from heaven, while the White men (who are the decsendants and affiliates of original slave owners) continue to amass wealth from their labor and ignorance. Sometimes you can’t fix stupid. You just have to watch it from a distance and wonder what they could have been. So much potential. little desire to use it.

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