Thanks for the tip. I’m going to research the coffee fund tip today! Promise.

I can’t say many of understand what’s happening either. We (minorities) have lived in the perpetual state of the unknown with each presidential election over the last 25–30 years. We feel like the same way you do. We have little faith, we don’t know when this will end, we don’t know how bad things will get before those in power wave that red, white and blue flag for democracy they say they love so much.

I hope after this, if we survive, Congress enacts some of the strictest legislation America has seen to prevent workers from being held hostage by a dictator. I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone immigrating here with the belief that America is this fair, smart, sane place. I hope immigrants are able to see who really runs America and how things really work. We aren’t free.

If this democratic, tax-payer funded government can close, we are not free!

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