Thanks for the vote of confidence, though I’m sure it will never happen. I agree coastal communities built on the shores continue to build and ask taxpayers for help rebuilding in spite of scripture about not building your home on sinking sands (literally) lol. I don’t have any issue with helping people, but let’s be thoughtful in the ways we help. Instead of increasing funding for food banks, how about figure out why folks must rely on them so much and fix that system. If it’s employment — what is keeping people from being employed? Is it lack of skills, racism, lack of transportation, location, a lack of employment opportunities? We do so many things in the nation backwards to benefit the same groups of people, leaving others chronically poor and unable to recover. It’s the same with rural communities.

Reparations is an effort to help people get back on their feet and to make us whole again. I think it’s unfair some people’s losses are valued while others are dismissed. I hope this essay highlighted the hypocrisy and racism of the viewpoint.

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