Thanks for writing this. It seems more and more Black folks are learning liberal spaces aren’t as welcoming as we perceived them to be and not all liberal spaces are alike. We were blinded but Trump has really lifted the veil from our eyes. We are back in the pre-Civil Rights Era, fighting for our very existence. I visited Austin last summer when I went to see my sister in San Antonio, and I got that feeling walking downtown. It was clean, liberal, and let’s say “sanitized” to put it nicely. The only Black folks I saw were in the kitchens with a few young folks in bars, but in small groups of Black. It seemed very segregated to me.

Hurry and up finish your studies and go live in peace with people who will love and respect you. Liberalism means different things to different people. Simply another construct for White people to make themselves feel they aren’t racist, when in fact it simply shields, insulates and protects them from their racism. We mess us when we assume the identities they create for themselves. It was never meant for us. Get out of Austin as quick as you can and don’t look back!

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