Thanks for your response. I’d day it’s racist because no one goes around judging how people speak except White folks. We all judge intelligence in leadership (as we should). Some folks are not so bright intellectually which has nothing to do with how well he/she speaks. People of color are told all the time they need to speak English and do it well in order to be respected by Whiteness. Tom Brokaw just did it on live television the other day.

Some of the best bullshitters have talked their way into the White House, into good jobs, and into leadership positions. Being articulate is not a proper method that should be used to determine whether a person is a good leader, manager, or fantastic at governance. I have never been in a room with Black folks or Hispanic folks discussing White leaders or White people we must deal with in terms of how “articulate” they speak before us. We do talk about their actions.

That dirty so-and-so voted this way. That low-down person moved money from this program to fund their pet project. That racist said blah, blah, blah. The dummy-head said we need a driver’s license to buy cereal at the grocery store. Or the fool thinks you need to rake the forest floors to prevent forest fires.

Being articulate doesn’t determine whether a person is good or smart, but White people tend to use it far too often to assess the intelligence of Black people, Brown immigrants and Southerners they have long deemed ignorant based on old language/grammar policing stereotypes.

Black and articulate are synonymous stereotypes used when we are being judged for leadership positions. While some people of color may be better with words than others, it doesn’t mean they are smart. It just means some people know more words and they know how to put them together better than others. I’ve learned some of my best life lessons from country folks with a middle school education talking “country.”

Anyone can teach you anything if your heart and mind is in the right place. Placing value on irrelevant things like how someone speaks and the color of their skin could cause a person to miss out on valuable life enhancing wisdom. Just my 2 cents. lol.

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