Thanks Glenn for sharing what it’s like outside of the land of the free home of the insane (lol). When I travel outside of the U.S. , I always feel freeer, especially in tiny countries where people don’t have all the safety nets we have. People mind their business, are often more laid back and considerate, and it seems everyone has a special look they give when you tell them you’re American if you’re brown or Black. When you’re White and America traveling to Brown and Black nations, citizens expect the rudeness and arrogance that comes with being indoctrinated by American exceptionalism.

We are easy to spot.

Many Americans don’t realize just how in enslaved they truly are to ideas and values our country wrongly prioritized. We all are slaves taught to worship freedom. It’s psychological warfare and I’m never going to buy into it. Americans need to travel more so that we can understand how different societies and nations work.

America is like a baby civilization compared to other nations in the world. We’re the loud, obnoxious, teenager you can’t tell anything, who knows everything — and is bound to fail because they can’t seem to humble themselves enough to accept wisdom. There is so much wrong with America. I don’t know if we have the strength, endurance, or wherewithal to fix us. It seems misinformation is our nation’s strongest asset.

For those of us wise enough to know better, freedom is learning you truly aren’t free.

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