Thanks Mia, as always you hit the nail on the head. The lie that changing the system is giving Black folks something is as old as America. We can't possibly get enough from America. It is indeed in the best interests of all POC to admit their roles in carrying the White man's racist bucket filled with their racist waters and understand the impact of racism on all of us. Keeping us divided is the ploy of the enemy.

We've always outnumbered them. They just keep us ignorant to prevent us from realizing it.

It's not good for anyone, including White people. It's toxic and it's not just killing us, it's literally killing the earth. I think POC really need to begin decolonizing their minds to understand the pitting us all against each other helps white supremacy. POC will NEVER be accepted under the big White tent as equals. They are model citizens until the Wuhan Flu, 9/11 terrorists, making anchor babies that won't pick their crops and cut their lawns, or bringing Sharia Law to a town near them.

It's the best racket going and POC have bit into it hook, line and sinker. The mask is off of America. Anyone still pledging allegiance to racism and the Republicans are enemies just like confederate soldiers. They better get on the right side of history. The next 100-years are going to be unkind to a lot of people.

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